Who are you?

When you lived for nine months inside your mother’s belly, you felt whatever she felt. If she had a double cappucino date with a friend, you got a caffeine hit too. If she indulged in half a tub of strawberry icecream in front of a movie, you shared her sugar rush.

Everything your mother felt, you felt. You might not have understood it but you felt it. When she felt happy and in love, you felt loved too. When she felt anxious or lonely, you felt worried and insecure too.

Those early experiences are still there, deep inside every adult. Some people call them ‘cellular memory’. I would rather call it something like ‘etheric memory’ because those things are more like subtle imprints than the mental things we normally think of as memory.

Why am I talking about womb experiences on a site about past lives? Because both womb experiences and past lives create impressions in us that last beyond our conscious memory. And the traces the leave can be seen in the way you feel, think and operate every day.

If you want to understand yourself now – why some things excite you, scare you, anger or move you – you need to see what came before. When and how they started. You need to find the source.